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Hello there, I'm from Belgium and I'm studying French, Economics and Informatics. I have read the book L'Icume des jours ...and to be honest: I don't understand much of it, although I find it a very interesting book (in the first place also because of the used language). It's a book you need to analyze but at two questions my teacher posed me i really don't know what to answer to: 1.-"L'Icume des jours prisente une vision pessimiste de l'existence/presents a very pessimist view of existance." -"L'Icume des jours is a story about an impossible love."Do you agree? 2.L'Icume des jours critizises church,religion and industrial work. How? It would mean a lot to me if seomone could share his/her thought(s) about the questions. I know: it looks like I'm planning to make profit of seomone...but really I won't. If you contact me ...please leave your e-mailaddress so I can thank you by sending an e-mail. THANKS AHEAD. Philipe

-- Philipe Bunkens (, December 02, 1999


Hello Philipe!

It has been a long time since I have visited that cool web site so I hope my help won't arrive too late. Anyway, I am myself a Vian fan and would be delighted to chat with you regarding your questions. Being a French citizen, I can answer your questions whether in French or English. Let me know what is best for you. Feel free to contact me directly at if you prefer.


-- Alexandre Clappier (, January 19, 2000.

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