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I know this is short notice ,but Iam leaving Washingtons Union station on fri. Dec.3 for the sunny clims.of Orlando for a weeks vacation.Would somebody know of train hot spots in and around The big "O".Thanks in advance for eany quick information .Signed Mike Hart of Northern Va.


-- Mike Hart (lmcguire@erols.com), December 01, 1999


Some of the best spots in the Orlando area are Sanford and Taft.

Sanford - In the afternoon to late evening you can see some good traffic. Here is the line up - P097 (Silver Meteor) 3:04pm, P002 (Sunset Limted - WFM) 3:20pm, P052 (Auto Train) 4:25pm, P001 (Sunset Limited - TuThSa) 4:40pm, P092 (Silver Star) 5:31pm, K941 or K973 (Miami Rock Train) 7:30pm, and P001 again at 7:33pm. Q177 may show up between 7:00 and 9:30. Extra trains such as Q233 (autorack train) or the coal trains to OUC power plant may show up during this time frame. A766 the Sanford Road Switcher is on duty between 7:00am and 6:00pm.

How to get there - I-4 east to SR 46. Make a right on SR 46 tell you get to Riverview Av just pass the overpass at the rialroad tracks. Make a left onto Riverview, head straight down till it dead ends at the tracks. Also try the Amtrak Station during the night located on Persimmon Street right off of SR 46.

Taft - Taft is were the major rail yard for the Orlando Area is. It is best to train watch from morning to late afternoon. Here is the lineup - A775 (1st Taft Switcher) gets on duty 6:00am and will go to Davenport or Longwood, A776 (the other 1st Taft Switcher) on duty at 6:00am, K940 or K948 or K974 (Miami Rock Trains) 6:00-8:00am, Q455 (Waycross-Taft) 6:45, P091 (Silver Star) 11:30am, P098 (Silver Meteor) 12:40pm, A777 (2nd Taft Switcher) on duty at 2:00pm, P002 (Sunset Limited - MWF) 3:30, P097 (Silver Meteor) 4:10, P092 (Silver Star) 4:20pm, P001 (Sunset Limited - TuThSa) 5:30pm, and Z915 (Florida Central RR) at 6:00pm. Q233 and OUC coal trains will show up at any time.

How to get there - Go south on Orange Av. Pass under the Bee-Line overpass at Taft. On your right will be some light blue warehouses. Make a right at the last entrance to the warehouses and go all the way down to the tracks. If it gets booring, across the street is a strip joint call Rachels. You may even meet some CSX engineers there.

For more information on any CSX trains that operate in the Orlando area or on the Sanford Subdivision go to www.bullsheet.com and look for these trains:

Piggyback- Q177 and Q178

Mix Frieght - L455, L456, Q455, and Q456

Coal - N159-173, T101-110

Rock - K940, K941, K947, K948, K973, K974, K977, and K978

Locals - A765, A766, A775, A776, A777, A786, A798, and O713

Z trains - Z908, Z911-Z914, and Z915

-- Eric Johnson (don_john@bellsouth.net), February 07, 2000.

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