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not a question, per se, but a little "stating of the obvious" for everyone. i hate melbourne. i hate people on trains. i hate people on trains who read over your shoulder when you're doing little word puzzles with yourself to make the time go quicker and who then lean over and try to help you with a game you yourself made up, the rules of which aren't exactly hard but the point is, i made the freaking game up and i don't appreciate a stranger butting in! thanks!

luckily, i haven't seen any giant fruit, but i don't have to get off at flinders street, so i'm lucky that way. but i would, however, like to make it a rule that no-one can just talk to me when i'm sitting at the station at 11:58pm at night. if i'm sitting there with earphones clearly jammed in and my nose in a book, i don't appreciate a random stranger trying to make conversation and ask about what i do for a living and why i don't have a degree in computer science even though i work at an internet company. i really don't.

hm... oh yes, i do have a question. if one can have spider karma, can they have moth karma? i've encountered far too many moths lately, and i'm just wondering if maybe i killed a really important moth somewhere down the line. i'd just like for all the moths to go away. they're scary. little beady eyes and furry flapping wings, getting into your face and hair and skittering against arms and legs... ugh. i'm freaking myself out here.

i think i'm going to go and lie down now.

-- sammy (, December 01, 1999


It was even hotter today (you probably noticed..) and now I'm sitting here my my hot house contemplating the knife drawer..

Moth karma is real, and I did something bad somewhere along the line too..

And as for people I hate on trains. Well, I hate the woman who took her shoes of yesterday evening on the way home.

It was very, very bad

-- Immy (, December 02, 1999.

yup, i did notice... i almost melted in the train, both to and from work... though i don't think i'd ever be so cruel as to take my shoes off in the middle of the carriage. nasty.

i couldn't sleep last night because of a moth. i thought i'd be fine sleeping without a blanket, and then i heard this ominous flapping between my blinds and the window, and in an instant i was wide awake, with the doona wrapped around me and over my head. there was no way i was going to let a moth touch me. i laid awake listening to the flapping and trying not to wet the bed out of fear.

good things: i'm taking the day off work tomorrow (mostly because i'm sick), and then at midnight i'm going to... advance screening of "the blair witch project"! Immy, can i please borrow a phrase for a moment? thanks. will the excitement ever end..?! (i've probably said that wrong. you can shoot me after i've seen "tbwp".)

i'm nervous. half of me is thinking, "i'm going to be piss scared. how the hell am i going to be able to drive home after that?" whilst the other half is setting herself up for disappointment. i don't think the halves of my brain will ever be happy.

hm, when's the mob-themed christmas party? i can't remember, i'm a bit dense today. (a bit? today?) i hope it's fun... i've never actually been to a theme-party before. dress-up, certainly; i copped out and went as a vampire (i mean, really - it's so easy), though if i ever went as a vampire to a party ever again, i'd have to lose about half my body mass so i could look like drusilla or perhaps evil-willow (who doesn't love willow AND her evil doppelganger?!). anyone want to give me the tae-bo tapes as a chrissie present?

rambling. sorry Immy!

-- sammy (, December 02, 1999.

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