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What are the various options for developing Delta 3200. I have and use Clayton F-60, HC-110, Rodinal (doesn't everyone?) and PMK. Specifically, does anyone have times/temps for PMK? Results?


-- William H. Logan (, December 01, 1999


There's been at least one report that Delta 3200 in PMK is a non-starter. I didn't pay any attention to the details other than that I believe the EI was way down.

I strongly suggest Microphen, DD-X or Xtol 1:1.

-- John Hicks (, December 03, 1999.

I give developing times for Delta 3200 in PMK on my web site at Go to the Ariticles section, My Times for PMK. Unfortunately, the best speed I can get out of it is 800, but that is adequate for my purposes. If you need greater speed, I suggest X-tol.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, December 03, 1999.

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