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I have a Minox 35MB which uses an mercury old battery ( I'm not sure of the type since I lost the manual ). How do I get it to use a new battery type ( say Lithium )? What battery adapter do I need to get? By the way, I am in Malaysia, so it is kind of hard to obtain this sort of part. Thanks.


-- Tan Yat Long (, December 01, 1999


Mr. Long, your MB uses a 5.6v mercury battery PX27 OR V27PX.

You can buy this battery from eBay.

Go to Search for V27PX, there is one guy selling it for a long time at ebay.

It is item 207754686. Don't need to bid at higher price than the current price.

There is a SPX27 silver oxide 6.0 version on the market, use it at your own risk in the matter of battery for Minox camera, the best policy is to be conservative.

-- martin tai (, December 01, 1999.

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