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I just got a xl-1 and am very happy with the quality. However, since I am a newbie with camera, can some suggest a good tuturial web site so that I can learn more about the cameraworks: lighting, depth-of-fields, white balance, etc. Thanks. -Aaron

-- Aaron (, December 01, 1999


I would suggest you discover all those things for yourself. I you have the ability, you don't need books. You need experience.

-- Shitherson (, December 11, 1999.

There are lots of excellent sites where you can get some very good info on shooting video. Although, as has been said, it is good to find out for yourself, one can obviously smooth out a few of the rough edges by learning from people who have been using these bits of kit for years. Check out these sites for both good tips concerning the xl-1 and good technical info regarding video generally.

have fun!

-- Aslan Livingstone-Ra (, December 13, 1999.

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