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What is the heritage of the MofW Panel track cars in the 920000 series? I shot car #'s 920013, 920015,920030, and 920031 while passing through Debutts Yard on a #2716 excursion on May 23, 1982. They are black, with gold lettering, and appear to be old pulpwood racks, but whose? Thanks!

-- Russell Underwood (, December 01, 1999


Russell--they keep a couple of those parked here in Manassas (VA) across form the old IBM plant. They are old Southern RY pulp racks refitted to carry the track panels. The pulp racks were rebuilt from old gondoloas. I'd have to get out the equipment diagrma books to tell you the exact nunmber series--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, December 01, 1999.

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