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I have been struggling to get the sample database operational on an NT host at 9netave. The script seemed to work fine until you placed an order at which point nothing happened. No emails sent. When I changed the $mailprog in smart.cfg to reflect use of "blat.exe" instead of the normal sendmail, the program locks up trying to display the results of of the purchase.

Having reviewed the customized version of Matt's Script Archive available at 9netave, I am astounded by the lack of portability in the code, and figure that perhaps its time to talk to our client about switching to a more conforming hosting outfit (this is a website salvage and repair job). Therefore I have to ask, has anyone managed to get this excellent script fully operational on a 9netave NT host??

Secondly and perhaps this isn't a place for this sort of debate, however it seems to me that considering the difficulties imposed on some sites by a host doing something slightly different. And considering the client may want additional cgi based capabilities at a later point. Wouldn't this justify a recommendation of changing hosts?

Bob Minnick, Northern Webs

-- Bob Minnick (, November 30, 1999


The BLAT has a different way of handling mail compare to SENDMAIL program. You will need to find a SENDMAIL compatible program to solve this problem. Try

--\n God bless!

-- Patrick Chan (, February 24, 2000.

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