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on this thread: (hope the link works)

I posted a simple comment to this European (so they would not get a skewed, one-sided opinion of y2k and run off half-cocked)

I posted two(2) to 'Gary North is a Big Fat Idiot' (the homepage NOT the forum) and titled it Gary North is the father of y2k hysteria.

The other was to 'Debunking y2k' (mostly because it contains all those links at the top of the board for those who wish to research y2k objectively.

The post was deleted within minutes.

-- - (don', November 30, 1999


I would also like to point out, that the post contained NO FOUL LANGUAGE, it ATTACKED NO POSTERS, and it was mostly polite. It was also on-topic for that thread, because I gave several acronym definitions.

I didn't save my post (why should anyone have to?) so I can't quote it word for word.

-- - (censored@because.of.moderate.veiwpoint), November 30, 1999.

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