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Does anyone have any information on what locomotives were rostered by the Central of Georgia in 1965?

Thanks, Mark Stone

-- Mark Stone (, November 30, 1999


As an addendum to Russell's comment, the Withers book, DIESELS OF THE SOUTHERN RAILWAY, fails to list the Central of Georgia F3s. These units (#901-909) were retired in 1968, so they would definitely be included in the 1965 roster.

-- Tom Alderman (, December 07, 1999.

Paul Withers' book DIESELS OF THE SOUTHERN RWY 1939-1982 has what you are looking for. While not CofG specific, each locomotive model is listed seperately with builders' information and dispositions, where known. There are also several photos of CofG power sporting the Southern Rwy livery. Other Southern subsidiaries are also included, making this a must have for any fan of the '60's South. Most of the Central's fleet was still in tact until the end of 1965. By that time, all of the FM's were gone, as were most, if not all of the Baldwins. The GP35's were in service at that time, but the SD35's would not be on the property until 1/66.Much of the CG ALCo fleet would make it to the early 70's. Again, the book will be more "unit specific" as to exactly which units were still in service. Hope this helps, but get the book.

-- Russell Underwood (, December 06, 1999.

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