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i'm shooting a documentary in Africa which will require me to cross quite a few borders. Is there anyone out there who can offer any hints/tips about avoiding trouble regarding my equiptment? I will be a one-man band so hopefully the border controls won't see me as a production unit and attempt to charge any duty or import fees. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

My kit will include XL1, 3x lens, tripod, glidecam, k6 mic kit, remote mic kit, small light, reflector, about 40+ mini DV tapes, and other assorted paraphanelia. (may be a problem passing for your average bovine tourist...may also be a problem carrying it all)

many thanks in anticipation.

-- Aslan Livingstone-Ra (, November 30, 1999


I did an international shoot once (a few yeas back tho). I got what's called and "International Carne". It's an official government looking document you can get at any large Chamber of Commerce (I got mine in LA). The front page has all countries listed that adhere to the carne. There are differnt color pages... some for bringing your equipment in a country and others for bringing your equipment out.

The document is so damn official looking, most border people don't know what to think of it and they'll let you pass in and out (with even taking the proper pages).

Be sure you have it. It proves you owned the equipment before you entered the country. Othewise, they could slap a tax on you... or worse (as they tried to do to me in Rumania) confiscate the equipment.

There's other types of proof of ownership, but the Carne is the one to get for filmmaking equipment because of the detail.

By the way, you'll have every piece and serial No. listed on the Carne... absolute proof you carried the equipment in with you and didn't buy it there.

-- Bill Peake (, September 07, 2001.

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