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Now's a good time to vote for your favorite story, author, and publication in the P&E 1999 Readers Poll. Use the link below to reach the rules page which has a link to the voting page. URL

-- Dave Kuzminski (, November 29, 1999


I went to vote and had gotten about halfway through the form when my finger slipped on some button and the form closed on me. Oh well. I do think Previewbooks could be better represented on that roster -- we have some terrific authors and a great site -- they should have a noticeable link to previewbooks on their front page.

-- Elly (, December 09, 1999.

Preditors & Editors would very much like to hear about any problems voters experience. So far, this year's voting has been exceptional with votes in the first two weeks almost equalling the voting for last year! We've still got six weeks left this time around, so do get out and vote. If you do have a problem, email me, especially if you use Netscape Communicator 4.61 which we understand won't work with our voting form. We do have alternate ways to get your vote.

-- Dave Kuzminski (, December 12, 1999.

I had a look at the Preditors & Editors site recently (and even cast my vote for Oak Tree Publishing for Best e-Publisher). I found the site to be very easy to navigate and to be very comprehensive as a writers' guide and aid on the Internet. And also very interesting. Having browsed a number of other e-publishers represented on the site, I gained a much better idea about e-writing scene and came away with the firm belief that the site is among the best sites---if not The best.

-- Matthew (, February 01, 2000.

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