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Mr. Eric,

As you have given me a hand in all of my worst time. Presently, I am going through with the same and I need your help..

The problem in detail:

I am running SQL Server 7 and it has 2 database's residing locally. What, I wanted to do is to move this database to network appliance. To do this, I detach the database from the server and moved the *.MDF and *.LDF file to the network appliance. Once the file's are moves to the network appliance, I issued a sp_attach_db command to connect to the files on network appliance, But once I try to connect. It's giving me this error:

"Cannot use file H:\database\test.ldf because it was originally formatted with sector size 512 and it is now on a device with sector size 4096". This is the error message, I am getting to connect to the database files sitting on the network appliance. Why am I getting this error? Why SQL 7 is looking for the sector size?

Well comparing 7 to 6.5, I would say 6.5 is one thousands time's better than 7 as 7 has everything messed up.

Please Mr.Eric help me get out of this shit.

I am running SP1 for 7 and operating system Fix pack 5 for Windows NT.

Please help me as usual.


-- Anonymous, November 29, 1999



Use by SQL Server of Network Appliance, Inc. storage systems is somewhat supported as described in the Knowledge Base article Q196904 ( This article describes the use of Trace Flag 1807 to bypass error 5105. (By the way, I think the error you got is number 3268.) To work, the files must be hosted on a Windows NT file server.

If you have met these requirements, I suggest you contact Microsoft Product Support Services ( or Network Appliance ( The fix may be as simple as reformatting the Network Appliance drive.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, November 30, 1999

So, Shall I format the drive with windows nt and try to re-run the scenario again?

Please advice.



-- Anonymous, November 30, 1999


Since you mentioned to me privately that you could not reformat the Network Appliance storage unit, my next suggestion is that you contact Microsoft PSS.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, December 01, 1999

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