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Has anyone had any experience with the new JVC GY-DV500? My wife and I are planning to shoot our first film on DV and were about to pull the trigger on the Canon XL-1 when we heard that the new JVC blows the Canon away.

The problem is that the new camera is so hot that there is a 60 day wait. If the improvements are as dramatic as advertised, it would be worth the wait, but we want to hear from someone who has actually used it.


-- David Ryan (cobwebpix@aol.com), November 29, 1999


Noone has used that camera yet. I would also tell you that there isn't a 60 day wait, they're really just aren't any cameras. I had one of those cameras ordered and waited a couple of months for nothing. They keep pushing the date back futher and further. I cancelled my order for the JVC and ordered a Sony DSR-300L from B&H. It came with 2 batteries, a charger, a bag, a canon 18X lens for $7,900. The JVC is $5000, but no batteries, charger, or bag. If you can't spend the dough I'd go for the XL1, but I have my DSR-300 now and damn is it a sweet camera.

-- Scott Hopper (hopcam@aol.com), December 02, 1999.

I tested the JVC camera here in Ireland a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty impressive. However I didn't buy it because it has no facility for Frame Record Mode which the Canon does. I considered the JVC a great new product but really made for the newsgathering market. It would be outstanding for this purpose but not if you want to shoot drama. It looks and feels pretty much exactly the same as an old Beta SP rig with all the ins and outs you need for news work and truly bombproof build quality but I bought the Canon XL1 for half the money and have been very satisfied with it's performance and build quality - especially Frame Record Mode which, money aside, puts it in a different class. Happy shopping! Mark Waldron.

-- Mark Waldron (markwaldron@crewnet.com), February 29, 2000.

I own a dv 500, and I have been extremely happy with it!!! Yes it doesn't have a frame movie mode, but the bayonet lens mount is a more important feature!!! No fumbling with those crummy focal rings!!! the zoom is smoother even with the crummy standard lense. If you can afford a nice lense to put on this baby you would be very happy, trust me!!!

-- Perry Auch (smoothoperator007@juno.com), November 21, 2000.

the picture on the dv500 is dark and grayish. vx2000's are much brighter and the eye cannot tell the minor quality difference. The DV500 by no means blows away the xl1. You need to personally rent both and test them side by side. I can't believe what some peolpe write...

-- scott g (Scottwgurn@adelphia.net), February 18, 2002.

I can't believe someone thinks the vx2000 is comparable to the JVC dv 500, and that the size of chips does not matter. I wonder why the broadcast people use cameras with 2/3 inch chips. I have both cameras and (speaking from years of experience) I can say the JVC is better. If you want to find out, just put the cameras side by side.. and shoot a wide shot of your back yard. Everything looks the same... right? Now shoot a close of a flower pedal with each camera and you'll see the difference in the chip size. The 1/2 inch ship is much sharper on the edges, just as the 2/3 chip cameras will produce even sharper pictures. You can compare the vx 2000 and the xl1 but there is no comparison between those cameras and the JVC 1/2 inch chip cameras.

thanks, gj

-- Gary James (gjames@pixvideos.com), March 07, 2002.

I have a GY DV500U and am very impressed with it so far. I am looking for an anamorphic lense though that will fit on the bayonet mount Fujinon that came with it. It's got a 62mm lense front and a standard 1/2" bayonet mount. BTW this is the feature that sets the JVC appart from other cameras. The only other one I would be interested in is the Cannon XL1s as you can also change the lense to full manual IF you have the money for one. If anyone knows where to find the 16:9 adapter for this lense please e-mail me.

-- Jake (js21176@cox.net), October 23, 2003.

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