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Model Railroader is conducting a survey of the modelling community to determine what types of passenger equipment modelers would like to see produced. See the Jan issue of MR (in the front of the magazine) for details on how to respond to this survey. NOW is the time to participate and make your wishes known. Thanks. Buddy

-- Buddy Hill (, November 29, 1999


In the April/2000 Model Railroader passenger car poll I was disappointed to see that none of our roads or name trains made the 'top of the list'. The top 'name trains' received as few as 10 votes and the top railroads as few as 36 votes. If such polls truly garner the attention of the manufacturers (particularly for passenger equipment), perhaps we should make a concerted effort as an organization in the future to 'sway' the outcome. Thanks for the prompt Buddy....I'm several months behind in reading my MR's but your posting here in the Forum sent me out to their website to vote.

-- Mark V. Huband (, April 21, 2000.

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