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Greetings from Texas: I can get the program to email the client (me for now) a receipt of the order but I can't get the actual order placed. Where do I enter the email for the "vendor" so he can process the order?

-- Delia Cuellar (, November 29, 1999


At your order form, insert the following new line after the

In your SMART.CGI, do the following:

- In the SUB SEND_ORDER section. Find the following line:

print MAIL "To: $FORM{'recipient'}\n";

Replace the line with: print MAIL "To: $FORM{'recipient'}, $FORM{'vendor'}\n";

Or you can insert the following new line after it: print MAIL "CC: $FORM{'vendor'}\n";

--- God bless!

-- Patrick Chan (, January 24, 2000.

the tag is suppose to be:
"<"input type="hidden" name="vendor" value=""">"

God bless! :)

-- Patrick Chan (, May 29, 2000.

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