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I'm configuring S-mart to work with my site currently and the trouble I'm having is with SSL. The script is very well written but fails to take into account that not all internet users can use SSL. One my current site, I have a secure and non-secure order forms. I need a way to have the same option available with the shopping cart. Can anyone help?

-- Mark Allen (screen@wnonline.net), November 28, 1999


I am about to do the following to my site. I use S-Mart in the background for the most part. You can just have a checkout link that goes to a page with two options, secure and non-secure, then the url secure is https://www.yoururl.com/cgi-bin/smart.cgi?command=buy1 and for non secure http://www.yoururl.com/cgi-bin/smart.cgi?command=buy1 (loose the s in https)

-- John Webber (Johnwebber@vintagebuzz.com), December 10, 1999.

If you address buy1 as both secure and insecure I found that the header and footer, if they have pics (like the logo I use or a background image), will be partially insecure. In addition, the default order form order.html must be hard coded to address the buy2 option as either secure or insecure. To get around these facts, I had to duplicate the buy1 and buy2 subroutine's (buy3, buy4), print_header and print_footer subroutine's (print_header_insecure, print_footer_insecure), and change $basedir$delim$order in the new routines to $basedir$delim$orderin and change the buy3 and buy4 routines to address the added header,footer. Change print_header to address $basepath$delim$headerb and print_footer to address $basepath$delim$footerb. Change buy1 and the buy routine to address printer_header_buy, print_footer_buy. Change order.html to address buy2 securely https://yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/smart/smart.cgi? command=buy2 and create orderin.html as an insecure order form (http://yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/smart/smart.cgi?command=buy4). Edit the header.html, footer.html, and change them to be secure address of images and background. Finally, add $headerb="headerb.html" (secure), $footerb="footerb.html" (secure),$orderin="orderin.html" (insecure) to smart.cfg. Leave header.html,footer.html as insecure and the whole thing should work very slick. The very idea of a document being both secure and insecure is enough to make a potential customer change their mind. This long winded, but the only way I knew how solve the problem. It doesn't add much code. Hope this helps.

-- Mark Allen (screen@wnonline.net), December 11, 1999.

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