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My husband and I are interested in moving to Arkansas. We are looking into Madison, Newton, Searcy, Boone or Carrol counties. We are avid hunters and would like to find at least 40 mostly wooded acres. We are mainly interested in undeveloped land as we would like to put up a log cabin but would consider land with a dwelling if it did not greatly increase the cost of the land. We have been in contact with several real estate co. but they do not seem to hear what we are saying we want. We do not want to live downtown or in a development but that seems to be what they are giving us. We would prefer owner financing/land contract as we need to sell our home in New York before we can move but would like to buy now, be paying on our land and enjoying it for vacations. We would love any help we can find from some Arkansas natives in the area we are researching. Hot prospects or tips on staying in touch with whats happening in these areas would be wonderful. Thanks in advance!!

Sincerely, Kathy & Tari Springer

-- Kathy Springer (, November 28, 1999


you can try newlin realty 501-839-2788 or farms n homes of the ozarks at 501-267-2828 ihave 10 acres and a cabin in madison county myself and love it good luck

-- jeff davis (, November 28, 1999.

since you are interested in northwest arkansas, i suggest you also consider northeast oklahoma, really just across the state line. good luck

-- gene ward (, November 30, 1999.

Hi Kathy,

I tried to reply to you several days ago but with no luck. We live in NW Arkansas and love it. There are several on line sources of info. Have you tried:

We have found that Ed French at Buffalo River Real Estate is very good at listening to your wants and finding property. My opinion (and I may be very wrong) is that there is now a shortage of really good property now, maybe do to Y2K fears. Don't hesitate to email Ed directly we got our property through him (as did my dad many years ago!).

There is also a real estate mag that comes out 4 times a year for the entire Harrison area. I would be willing to mail one to you if you contact me personally.

Best of luck looking, of course the best way to find a place is to come visit!!!! We love it here. Kim

-- kim (, December 03, 1999.

If you do a websearch for the Thrifty Nickle online you can find all different states. Click on Fort Smith AR and check out the real estate classifieds. There are lots of owner financed properties in there. Hope this helps.:)

-- Kathleen (, December 20, 1999.

You might also try They have real estate offices all over the country, and many offices have very good descriptions and even photos of some of their properties.

-- Ima Southern (, December 21, 1999.

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