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I would like to use the shipping by weight feature, but when i test it and order multiple quantity's of a product it only counts the weight of 1 product... How can I correct this?

I tryed changing the script: elsif ($shipping eq '3') { my($low,@weights,$weight); @weights = sort number keys %shipping; $low = $weights[0]; HERE ADDING *$itemquant foreach $weight (@weights) { if ($weight > $low && $weight <= $totalweight) {$low = $weight}; } $shipamt = $shipping{$low}; $totalprice += $shipamt; print "\BF $shipamt\n"; }%

But that does not do the trick like it suppose to do... it calculates the shipping correctly sometimes... depending on the quantity...

I hope somebody is willing to share the sollution with me...

Regards, Gerry

-- gerry u (, November 28, 1999

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