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I am looking for information on the Cumberland Coal Co. They purchased two locomotives from Lima. The first was Lima builders number 517 built 8-24-1896 and was a very small, four wheel geared, Std. gage loco. The other was Lima number 533 built 6-25-1897. It was a small conventional rod loco, built to a gage of 42 inches. The Lima records only give the companys address as Baltimore, MD. I would like to know where the companys operations were and if possible find pictures of these locos

-- Mike Nix (, November 27, 1999


This may answer part of your question. My Southern Iron & Equipment resale list shows a Cumberland Coal Co.# 1 at Artemus, KY buying a 36" gauge Porter 0-4-0t(c/n 1307 5/'92 7x12") on 8/26/05, original owner was W.G. Stall & Sons of Bellwood, PA. Ofcourse this is the wrong gauge but they may had other operations in that area.

Both Lima locos owned by Cumberland Coal Co. were rod locos: #1 was Lima 517 8/1896 6x8" cylinders, 21-1/2"drivers, 56-1/2" gauge 0-4-0 #2 was Lima 533 6/1897 5x10"cylinders, 21" drivers, 42" gauge 0-4-0

My Lima list does not list where Cumberland Coal was located, darn it.

Artemus, Ky though should be a good starting point.

Also found a Cumberland Coal & Coke at Crossland, TN which purchased a Porter in 1905 from Birmingham Rail & Loco. No mention of gauge.

-- Donald R. Hensley, Jr. (, January 22, 2000.

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