Potatoes for planting in spring

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I am aware that you let potatoes sprout and cut them using the "eyes" to start your potato plants. If I let potatoes sprout now can they be kept until spring for planting? I live in a cold climate. How do I keep them for planting in spring and what if they freeze, will they still be good for planting?

I have done this before, but always in a warm climate where you could get the potatoes, sprout and plant them within a reasonable time. I am concerned that I need to have the potatoes before the end of the year, and not sure how to hold them so they are viable for planting in spring. Please help!! Betty

-- Betty Gallagher (comanche6@earthlink.net), November 27, 1999


Hi Betty, We live on the Canadian border in Vt., I store my potatoes in the root cellar in sawdust [I have a dirt floor,which makes it very moist down there],none of my potatoes[4 varieties] sprout untill March- I'll leave them alone untill May, and plant them in the garden. if their green stocks break off, don't worry, they will grow back.The best potatoe seed is the one that was grown in your garden.

-- Witchcat Farm (poor farm@together.com), December 26, 1999.

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