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I just found this site, and am impressed that Mr. McNamra has so many loyal and devoted fans. Anyway, just a few thoughts/observations/comments: (1) I just saw "Doing Time on Maple Drive" again (awesome movie!)- as usual it was touching and helpful for me, as an extremely closeted gay man, who will have to go though what Matt went through eventually. I thought he did an excellent job of portraying the person in that situation. I'm wondering what people out there, who are also in that situation, think about the movie, its impact on them, etc. Any thoughts? One other thing- I always miss the 1st 30 minutes- I have only seen from the part where they are watching the video from when Matt was in high school. What happens at the beginning? How does his fiance so quickly figure out he was gay? Any ealier clues? Thanks! (2) I read some of the posts above about Mr. McNamra's sexual preference. Obviously, someone in my postion is the first to say its none of anyone else's buisness. Now, to be honest, there are two reasons I (and maybe some others) would be curious: (A) Mr. McNamara is a very attractive man, and for me, its always nice to think (hope?) that such men could be bi, or gay, as the case may be. (B) Its also nice to find gay actors portraying solid gay characters- makes one feel better about themselves. Its sort of dissappointing to find out that the guy playing the guy man is actually straight. Its hard to explain, but that's how I feel anyway. Again, it really is none of our business, but those are some reasons why I'd just be interested. I better go; Mr. McNamara is a terrific actor and I hope he was much sucess in the future!

-- Dave (, November 27, 1999


Maple Drive Start

Hi Dave:

The film opens up with Matt and fiancie going over to a dorm room so that Matt can return some stuff to a friend. She stays in the car and Matt goes into the building and lets himself into the room with his own key. When he returns to the car, she asked if he saw his friend and gave back his stuff. Matt says he wasn't there and she asked how he got in, to which he says he roommate let him in.

Right away the viewer knows that Matt is keeping something from her. Hope this helps, but it would be far better if you were able to see the film from the beginning when it runs again. Watch TV Now on Billy's page for future airdates.


-- WMFC - Greg (, December 12, 1999.

I know what you mean.

Dave, I can relate. I know exactly what you are going though because I am too. Drop me a line. For some reason your email address is not working for me.


-- Bobbi (, December 11, 1999.

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