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It seems like everyone just falls all over themselves over Doug. He never appealed to me in the least. Immature, self-righteous men usually don't. I mean, let's face a few facts about Doug: He was santimonious. He was EXTREMELY immature. He was, in many ways, very selfish. He wouldn't listen to another person's point of view. Remember when Carol said that the hospital had a point in their reaction to the whole Ricky fiasco? He just got up & stalked out of the room like a spoiled kid. Really big of you, Doug. I kept waiting for her to say "Come back, Doug, I have a large stick I'd like to beat you with a while." I never could understand why she always let him off so easy. Where was her common sense? I don't recall him ever admitting that he wasn't all together right in doing what he did. He jeopardized Carol's career in the process-no apologies to her about it, either, I don't recall. "No big deal," he probably thought. "I'll just tuck my tail between my legs & fly off to Seattle & destroy some other hospital's reputation." He caused her clinic to be closed down. "Oh well," he's thinking, "She'll get over it". And of course, poor stupid Carol does. She *loves* him, after all. St. Carol strikes again! I have no doubt at all that he & Carol will ride off into the sickening sunset together; it'll be a relief to see them go. I was always fairly disgusted with their relationship (I mean, SHE TRIED TO KILL HERSELF BECAUSE OF HIM! REMEMBER!?!), but I have to get this off my chest. Real love is being there for the person you claim to love; and it isn't just accepting them as they are-you want them to be better than they are, don't you? And you want to be better for them, right? So where on earth is Doug? Leaving messages on her TAM, of course. Wonderful! Now, she's borne his 2nd & 3rd babies. Of course, I wonder how much he "loved" the woman who bore his 1st kid. Just a whole bunch, I imagine. Will Doug sacrifice anything for Carol? Doubt it. Will Doug ever grow up? I would be shocked if he did. Will Doug eventually ruin Carol's career through his own arrogance & refusal to obey reasonable rules (like a reasonable hospital policiy of not euthanizing patients; of taking responsibility for your own actions one in a while?) Probably. Will Doug cheat on Carol some day? Likely. Will Carol stay with him? Probably. Why? I can't imagine. If I were her, I'd run for the hills the moment he arrived. He knocks her up, nearly wrecks her career, then leaves. Great job, Doug. Shall we line you up for some speeches on responsiblity & commitment? Say, would next Thursday be good for you? Great! Look forward to seeing you again!

I know I've probably made several people here really mad. The D/C fan club might need to be reminded that I realize this is only a television show (though not the "Doug & Carol Show...and We Don't Know Where Doug Is, Or Who Else He's Impregnating Right Now"). I needed to vent, I guess. I know she'll go off with him. I have no objection to that. Let them be together. I just wonder how long it will last.

-- Just another fan (, November 26, 1999


I always find it interesting that people expend so much energy on Doug-hate. I mean, of course you're not the only one who hated Doug, there are lots of folks who did, but those who hate the character spend so much energy trying to convince those of us who love him that we're wrong. With regard to their past, you got a few things wrong, though. Carol told Doug that he was not the cause of her suicide attempt. As for being "selfish," the sole reason he went to Ricky Abbott's house in "Choosing Joi" is because Carol asked him to. That's not selfish. As for your opinions on what Doug's thoughts might be, I doubt he was so cavalier as to think he hadn't caused Carol great pain, and figured he'd go off to Seattle to ruin someone else's career and break someone else's heart. Additionally, you've done a great job of listing all of his bad points while ignoring the good ones. Each character on ER is flawed, and this makes for great drama.

You haven't made me "really mad" at all, in fact I'm indifferent because I don't need YOU to like Doug for me to. Your dislike of him does nothing to diminish my enjoyment. I'm glad, though, you vented, and shared your opinion. Suffice it to say that TPTB knew what they created and knew that by creating Doug the way they did, they not only would make a compelling character, but one whose faults were real, yet whose heart and compassion would help people "forgive" him. In fact, they cast Clooney in the role because they said they needed to make this womanizing drunk have appeal and they needed to create redeeming factors in his character. I loved Doug, for all his mistakes and foibles and character faults, because when you get right down to it, the character could be summed up by appreciating his love for a woman and his devotion to children. Sorry you hate him. I love him. Always will.

Enjoy ER.

-- Phyl (, November 27, 1999.

I don't want anyone to change their opinions because of me. If ya like Doug, like him-you can even love him if ya want! He had his good points, I'll admit. But I guess he rubbed me the wrong way most of the time. I really started hating him in season five; I suppose the writers are to blame for a lot of that. Before that, I just didn't like him-that is, disliking him extremely! Carol I can live without, too, but she's okay most of time time. I just hope they don't match her up with Luka. What a disaster that would be. I would really hate to see him hurt, but that's just me (I also want his flaws to be shown, and soon!). A lot of people seem to only want a match-up to end with his heart being broken. Seems a little cruel to me. Considering that it seems he's already had enough suffering to cope with...oh well. With or without Doug & Carol (and now I'm looking forward to a D/C-less ER), it's a great show. And I do love it! Stick to your guns! I like anyone who does!

-- Just another fan (, November 27, 1999.

I never liked Doug either, but I don't blame it on the writers (flawed characters are interesting) but on George Clooney. He just doesn't have much of a range. He has this hangdog look that makes women melt...fine. I don't fault him for that. It just gets a little boring after a while when you realize that it's about all he can do. It's Tom Cruise syndrome. :)

Now Anthony Edwards is a good actor. I always found Mark more interesting than Doug because there actually seemed to be a full personality instead of just a cardboard cut-out of one.

-- Rusty Priske (, December 01, 1999.

You're right there about Clooney's acting ability. I'm not saying he couldn't convey the concept of falling if he fell of a cliff, but he never did seem to exhibit much range. Just cocking his head & looking cute...awww...after a while, I had an urge to slap him. He's the same in his movies. I only saw a few parts of "The Peacemaker" & didn't see "Batman & Robin", but he was the same way, except he was allowed to use profanity (which is BORING!). That may be why I only endured a few minutes of "The Peacemaker" (besides thinking Nicole Kidman has all the raw acting ability of a washing machine). It was only in season five that I got really sick of him. Before that, I just detested him somewhat (and HE DID do some good things, mind you; like saving that kid from the washout & showing real concern for kids- if he'd just show a little concern for the kid he had with that other woman...the writers could have at least shown him talking to him on the phone & I wouldn't have SUCH a bone to pick with him). By season five, I HATED him. When Ricky's father punched him, I whooped with glee. Mark Greene is more interesting (Anthony Edwards is a better actor!), but I never really got attached to him. I really got ticked at the character when he was sleeping with everything with two legs & breasts a couple of seasons ago, but he fortunately got over that & I like him a lot better now. And I guess I'm the only one who thought the Mobalage (sp?) story-line was interesting, & it was because of Mark's reaction to the situation, and the genuine concern & compassion he showed for the couple. But him & Elizabeth? Yawn. Snore. I'd prefer to see him deal with his daughter & his Ex-Wife From Hell. I thought Rachel was supposed to be hanging around more anyway. I mean, her manners in "Great Expectations" were atrocious & if I had tried that at someone else's house I would have been horsewhipped (at ANY age, in fact; besides, I can't stand smart-aleck brats), but at least the interaction between father & daughter is interesting to watch. I like Mark. He's got my kind of sense of humor.

-- Just another fan (, December 01, 1999.

Question: Am I the only one who hated Doug? In a word: NO!!

-- Teddy (, June 18, 2001.

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