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I was watching the Thanksgiving show and wanted to know the title and artist of the music at the beginning when Carol was walking to the EL.

-- Dexter Nichols (, November 26, 1999


It was "Wondering Where the Lions Are", by Canadian artist and favourite son Bruce Cockburn. The song dates from the early-mid eighties, can't remember what album. It's one of the few songs he's written that got any kind of mainstream airplay ("If I Had a Rocket Launcher", a song about his visit to refugee camps in Central America, is another one--at least, it got radio play in Canada). The lovely bright guitar part is typical of his earlier folk albums (he started recording and releasing his work in the early 70s); he records on True North records in Canada, though he may have a distribution deal with a larger company for the States, I'm not sure. It was a pleasure to hear this son, though it's never been my favourite of his work. my favourite of his

-- Juliet O'Keefe (, November 26, 1999.

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