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Dear Eric,

We have data in a server in a remote site in a SQLServer 6.5 Database(DB1) that we can access through an ISDN line. We wish to port certain data from DB1, summarise it and add it on to our HQ database which is also SQLServer 6.5.

Currently the vendor we hired is executing a progarm to extract the data into a text file at the site and export it to the HQ server.

At the HQ another program is executed to extract the data from the text file and import it into the database. These are scheduled jobs that need to be run every day.

Is this an efficient metod of doing it or is there a better way??

Please advise. Thank You.


-- Anonymous, November 25, 1999



This sounds like a standard and reasonable approach. I presume that the bulk copy process (the bcp command) is being used to extract the data to and from the text file.

If you and/or the vendor would like to conserve bandwidth, you could zip the text file up before sending through the ISDN line.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, November 27, 1999

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