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Please help. I'm writting a paper for school that will express the importance or artistic photography. I would like to know how digital cameras have affected it, and what has it done to traditional photography.

-- ralph R McFarlin (, November 25, 1999


What has your research turned up so far?

And, if we help, do we get mentioned in your paper for helping you to write it?

-- John Williams (, December 24, 1999.

Ralph: Hope this is not too late for your use. One of the most important ways digital photography has changed traditional photography is in the loss of creative image control-i.e.,burning, dodging for controlling the viewers eye-path. Also, there is the "it's ok, they'll correct it (underexposure, horrible horizion tilt, lazy lighting) in Photoshop.It has created a huge image storage problem and buying/ selling reprints of your images.Now, if you ask an image tech to burn down a bright area or dodge a face, they'll refuse because it is "image manipulation." I love instant review of frames (instant editing!). Hope this helps you in some way.

-- Fred Bunch (, December 04, 2000.

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