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I am running the scripts on a NT Secure Server. Everything looks to be working but the tracking. After entering a order the tracking can not find the data file. On all the files I had to put the full path to the file anywhere in the scripts I found them. This is the only way I could it the scripts to find any file.

Also, I do not like the fact that the email going out includes the Cerdit Card Number. This nolonger makes the system secure.

Is there any way to make it not send the Card Number on the email?

Also It would be nice to use mail templete files for mailing.

Thanks Mike

-- Mike Woolwine (, November 25, 1999


In the send_verify subroutine for e-mailing the buy I just commented out the routine labeled '## Print all the variables on the order form' and that negates sending all data except the order description via e-mail.

I have massively re-coded this thing to my liking. Still working on the tracking script though.

-- Mark Allen (, December 05, 1999.

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