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Hello all, Last week I ran across some posts in the newsgroups. The posters were about really playing up the merits of Poloroid Polagraph B&W film for general use (not the graphs and charts it was apparently designed for).

I'm interested in purchasing a roll, but as a beginner I have couple of questions.

1) I've only seen it at Adorama. Does anyone know of other sources (possibly with cheaper shipping). 2) What's your impression of the film?

I've heard the grain referred to as "chunky." How could you not find that appealing? :-)

Thanks for any feedback! Stan

-- Stanley Tomac (, November 24, 1999


I've used Polagraph, and while interesting, I found it much too contrasty for general use. I do like Polapan quite a bit, but the film definitely has some weird qualities. I also found terrible lot-to-lot consistency with Polaroid instant roll film products that made then unreliable. Although, I have never used it, Agfa Scala seems to yield a similar tonal quality to the Polaroid films and I'm sure it is much more reliable.

-- Barry Schmetter (, November 26, 1999.

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