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Do you love talking on the phone? It's probably become obvious by now, that despite my job (um, answering phones), I still love talking on the phone. MCI loves me.

Who do you love talking to? What do you spend the most time talking about?

Or, if you absolutely hate phones, how come? What about it turns you off?

-- Lisa (, November 24, 1999


Yes I am. I have a phone growing out of my chest, just like ancient Celtic gods used to have harps growing out of their chest. I use it mostly to call myself, as the vibrations from the ringing are quite pleasent.

-- Brand Robins (, November 24, 1999.

I do not like phones. I think this may go back to a time (long long ago) when I had a job that required extensive use of a telephone... but perhaps not.

I like talking with friends and family on the phone and am capable of spending a long time on the phone. Earlier this evening I spent at least 45 minutes talking with my brother long distance... and I usually phone home from work each day... and when I travel on business I phone home a couple times to touch base (to the extent that time zone differences allow).

But I don't think of the phone as something that I like. Telephones can be annoyingly intrusive. I have caller-id on my home phone and also use answering machine to screen calls to avoid telemarketing sales pitches. In a lot of ways I like e-mail better than telephones.

-- Jim (, November 25, 1999.

You're a very strange man, Brand. Then again, I've got a phone growing out of my ear, so it all works out. But explain this to me: if you've got a phone growing out of your chest, how come you're so hard to get a hold of? ;)

I know what you mean, Jim, sometimes. All I do at work is answer phones, pretty much, so you'd figure the last thing I'd want to do at home is talk on the phone. When things are busy at work, I come home still hearing the phone ring in my head.

And I've been known to answer (or almost answer) my phone at home with, "Creative Solutions, how may I direct your call?" :)

-- Lisa (, November 25, 1999.

phonessuck... but I love long distance, anonymous, instant conversations..what to do what to do?

-- jeremiah (, November 28, 1999.

I hate phones. I like expressing ideas by thinking, and then deciding where and how it will be posted.

I think a person should not be expected to think on the spot. If you can explain yourself very well within five minutes, it's better than stammering and waving arms for five seconds.

-- Long Live Democracy (, October 07, 2002.

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