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I live in the UK and use this web site to keep up to date with er as series six is not airing here yet. Does anyone know when it will start over here, and more importantly is George Clooney coming back and is Juilliana leaving?

-- joanne ross (, November 24, 1999


I don't know about the episodes airing in the UK, but the news here is that Julianna Margulies has not renewed her contract and will leave at the end of this season (she turned down a $27 million renewal.) No official word on whether George Clooney will return, it is rumored he will guest star in several episodes this season.

-- Cindy (, November 24, 1999.

I'm also in the UK and I can tell you that ER will be back on Sky One in January. It will start on Channel 4 some time after that, maybe march/April I'm not sure.

-- soph hibberts (, November 25, 1999.

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