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Hi, I have set up several packages. I can execute them manually without any problems. However, when I create a scheduled job to run at a certain time, I get an x(job failed) next to it and pretty much it did not run the job.

DTC is running.

any suggestions as how to troubleshoot the problem?


-- Anonymous, November 23, 1999



Here is how to troubleshoot scheduled tasks that have failed.

In SQL Enterprise Manager, click the + in front of the server in question, click the + in front of Management, click the + in front of SQL Server Agent, and double click Jobs. Then right click on the job in question and select View Job History... Then click on the Show Step Details checkbox and highlight the failed job step. The box labeled 'Errors and/or messages' will now contain a detailed explanation of the failure.

Good luck,


-- Anonymous, November 24, 1999

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