A touch of bitter irony.....

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All the internal web pages and graphics of the New Millennium Salons, the main Y2K community preparedness resource site linked to six others within a network, and my own site, Canada 2000, had been accidentally destroyed a while back. Thousands of hours of work by Bill Dale and myself were wiped out in the blink of an eye.

Very ironic that the crash of two prominent Y2K sites was the result of a Y2K upgrade gone bad by the main trunk internet provider.

Sigh..... Bill and I have decided that with the little time remaining till the end of the year, best we not spend our time digging out and uploading those missing pages. We're sorry if you wished to read an article or document that was previously linked on our server, and now only get an error message, but it isn't all that important now.

Bill and I have both come to the conclusion that there isn't anything more we can do to change the outcome of Y2K at this late stage of the game. We have withdrawn our time and energy from the Y2K public awareness campaign so we can put our attention on matters closer to home, our personal lives.

Best you prepare your family as best you can in the manner you deem necessary in the little time you have remaining. We will be doing the same. Perhaps we can organize a Y2K activists convention in some future year after the dust settles and everyone can meet their peers. The faces behind the print.

Hell, make it on a New Years! Hold a dinner and have each stand and introduce themselves to a round of applause (or hisses :-). Whatever the outcome of Y2K, at least your efforts in saving millions of lives won't go un-acknowledged.

Good. I think I've got my project to work on!

See ya on the other side.....

Gary Allan Halonen

-- Gary Allan Halonen (g_a_halonen@hotmail.com), November 23, 1999

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