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I recently puchased some 4x5 tmax 400 film which expired 2-98. I've been tray developing them in ilford developer,stop and fixer and every time i get a very dull negative with no contrast at all. I'm wondering if this due to the old film. i've used old film before and never had a problem. Any advice? thanks

-- ty fisher (, November 23, 1999


Sounds as though the film might have been stored at too high a temperature. You can add some benzotriazole to your developer, but it will cause a marked speed loss. Otherwise, your best bet is to buy new film and keep it refrigerated.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, November 24, 1999.

try another developer, one that is recomended for use with 4X5 sheet film. even the standard t-max developer is not recomended for 4X5. try some hc110; if the same problem continues then it must be the film.

-- d.a.galgozy (, December 02, 1999.

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