Y2K: What do you think is going to happen on January 1, 2000?

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Do you believe the Apocalyse is upon us? Is the world going to end? Will civilization fall apart? Or will humans party like mad and wake up the next morning with millenium-sized hangovers?

Also, for some cultures, it's not the year 2000 at all. What do you think? Will the rest of us die, while they inherit the earth? ;)

No really, I'm serious.

-- Lisa (lanichols@yahoo.com), November 23, 1999


Apocalypse, schmapocalypse. I'm voting (or at least hoping)for the hangovers.

Oh, and Apocalypso is the name of a Jimmy Buffet tune, with plenty of steel drums and shit. Do not ask me how I know this.

-- James. (scary_puck@hotmail.com), November 25, 1999.

Jan 1st will herald, in churchill's words "..the end of the beginning," of a disaster on par with the sinking of Atlantis.

-- jeremiah (braponspdetroit@hotmail.com), November 28, 1999.

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