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Are you a Harry Potter fan or are you one of those scary right-wing extremists who think the books are evil?! What do you think of the series? What was/is your favourite childrens book?

-- Tim (tim@newmail.net), November 23, 1999


The books *are* aevil: they're too bleeping addictive. I was sitting in Ottakers this lunchtime, happily reading "Prisoner Of Azakban (sp?)", then my watch said, "All right Zed, time to get back to work." (Talking watches are blick.) And I didn't wabt to go. And I couldn't buy it, as twas hardback, which is against my religion. Ni!

Anytay, as anyone who's been reading my journal (http://swansongs.net/nuclear/ <- plug plug) lately will be aware, not only do I like Harry Potter, but he is the love I have spent my entire life waiting for. Apparently. While I always resist thangs popular with the masses, I admit that it is dead good. And better than Roald Dahl. They're equally inventive, but the humour is linguistic rather than zany (and as anyone who's read my journal [http://swansongs.net/nuclear/ <- plug plug] will know that's where my preference lies these days). As for plot, "Chamber Of Secrets" is better than "Philosopher's Stone" in terms of twists, and both are far superior to "The Witches" which has the most unsatisfying ending ever.

Rant over. Now visit my website (http://swansongs.net/nuclear/ <- plug plug.)

-- Zed (zed@swansongs.net), November 23, 1999.

Like them? LIKE THEM!?!? My speech relied heavily on the wonders of that lovely book. I practically adore them! I went to the library to look for the second book and some little kid had rented it out. I think I know who, too. Grr! That boy's not going to have it for long! Watch out, kiddie! It's going to be mine, ALL MINE! MUHAHAHAHA! Erm, anyway, that book saved me because, in all honesty, I really knew about it and was willing to stand in front of 25 people speaking of it's wonders. Roald Dahl is my hero. Willy Wonka = my favorite book. Matilda = earned me $5 worth of late fees because I reread it one too many times in a month. Ahem. So, that's my literary comment for the day/week/month/year.

-- The dahhhhhhhling Miss Krysten (krysten@bellsouth.net), November 23, 1999.

Lookie at what I found: YAY! A movie! I just hope that, as a kiddie Spielberg (sp?) movie, it doesn't become The Goonies all over again. *shudder* Then again, E.T. was a kiddie movie. Oh, the philosopher's stone. I thought that you had it wrong. In the states, it's called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I'm having fun with this topic! Off to do that, umm, term paper I'm still putting off. Did I mention that it's due tommorrow?

-- krysten (krysten@bellsouth.net), November 23, 1999.

I'm afraid I'm still a member of the "I haven't read a Harry Potter book" sect. I'd like to, some day... But I keep forgetting that he's the guy that everyone's going crazy over.

My favourite children's book? That's a toughie! I love children's books! Postman Pat, The Jolly Postman (maybe that's why I briefly considered deliving mail!), the Mr. Men and Little Miss series, Spot (the dog), Robert Munsch... There are so many great books! I'd have to go with Roger Hargreaves as my favourite children's author, though. But maybe only because Robert Munsch has written some rather distasteful (is that a word?) books of late. :(

-- Sarah Joy (bursa@cgocable.net), November 29, 1999.

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