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I live within 2 miles (probably MUCH closer) to an ELF Atochem plant. I've called the company and got the run-around, checked their web site - no Y2K remediation or emergency planning info. I've left a message with my city's Hazardous Waste dept...

I'm still very, very concerned about this chemical company. Does anyone have links for what types of chemicals are hazardous and/or what chemical company sites produce certain chemicals, please?

Thanks again!

-- Deb M. (, November 22, 1999


You have a right to be very concerned. The attached link: will take you to the Senate 100 Day Report on Y2k. Click on the "General Business" link and scroll down to Chemical Industry information. Although the Senate Report's Executive Summary promotes a BITR theme, there are some very disturbing facts to consider in the body of this report. Good Luck

-- Brian Bretzke (, November 22, 1999.

Hi Deb

This should do it

Chemical Industry


(HTML) Report to the Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem

Report to the Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem Year 2000 Issues Technology Problems and Industrial Chemical Safety March 1999

Field Hearing: "Will Y2K and Chemicals Be A Volatile Mix?"

An estimated 85 million Americans more than 30 percent of the U.S. population -- live within 5 miles of one of the 66,000 sites that handle hazardous chemicals. That's why any potential Y2K problems at chemical facilities cannot be taken lightly.

Yahoo - Two senators call for Y2K chemical industry summit

Republican Robert Bennett of Utah and Democrat Christopher Dodd of Connecticut said the nation's more than 69,000 hazadous chemical facilities were not necessarily Year2000-ready

Subject: Monday's Chemical Safety Roundtable

Leon A. Kappelman>Subject: Monday's Chemical Safety Roundtable

OECD's Chemical Accidents Programme and the Y2K Issue

The Working Group established an Electronic Clearing House on Chemical Emergencies - including this web site - on resources which have been made publicly available.

CSB - Governors Urged to Prepare for Possible Y2K-related Hazardous Materials Problems

The Nation's governors have been urged to review and act on Chemical Safety Board (CSB) recommendations designed to avert orminimize the effects of Year 2000 technology problems which may affect industrial chemical safety.

Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board: ChemLinks

Chem links is an online, searchable database containing links to Websites in a variety of categories that are related in some way to industrial chemical safety.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health NIOSH/Y2K Homepage

Our objective is to prevent occupational disease and injury that may result from Y2K computer and embedded microchip failures by providing resources and a forum for Occupational Safety and Health professionals.

CMA Survey for Rohm and Haas Company Year 2000 Status (PDF) June

Rohm and Haas Company, together with many CMA member companies, isusing the CMA Survey form to report status of Year 2000 activities. This form will be updated on a monthly basis.

 Welcome to the ChemicalGuide [Responsible Care in your Community]

You can locate chemical facilities throughout the United States and learn more about them:

Where they are located
What they produce
Their involvement within your community
The important work taking place to make better, safer plant communities.

Link from the Chemical Manufacturers Association

07/12/99 Addressing Year 2000 Issues in Small and Medium Sized Facilities that Handle Chemicals

 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, in partnership with several chemical industry trade associations, are issuing a document as part of an ongoing effort to assess and address potential Y2K disruptions in facility operations, particularly safety-related control systems and equipment.

07/06/99 Updating the Y2K Survey

  At our recent Y2K workshop members expressed an interest in updating their Y2K readiness survey, therefore, CMA is making available an on- line method for member companies to update the Year 2000 Readiness Information sent in December - January 1999

06/10/99 Chemicals Information Technology Association Y2K Contingency Planning Guidelines< /a>

 CITA's Year 2000 Contingency Planning Guidelines

06/09/99 Y2K Contingency Planning Process Flow
 Graphic Illustration of Y2K Contingency Planning Process Flow

06/08/99 Y2K Contingency Planning Process Team

  Y2K Contingency Planning Process Team goals and objectives

06/07/99 Y2K Contingency Planning Survey

  The CITA Contingency Planning Team agreed to address subjects by collecting the best ideas from team members, summarizing them and sharing results with CITA member companies. This document contains the results.

06/04/99 Companies cited for violations caused by the Y2K computer problems...

  Companies cited for violations caused by the Y2K computer problems should not expect the Transportation Department to be lenient..

05/24/99 Link to information on the recent Senate Y2K hearing

Link to information on the recent Senate Y2K hearings

05/13/99 Year 2000 Survey

 Year 2000 Survey AS PART OF PREPARATIONS for the Year 2000, many companies are attempting to assess the Year 2000 compliance efforts of their critical suppliers and customers in order to determine whether they will suffer any disruption of goods and services. As a result, many companies are being flooded with a variety of survey request forms. Responding to numerous separate surveys is burdensome, which tends to discourage complete responses.

04/30/99 Results of the CMA Survey on Chemical Industry Y2K Readiness

 Results of the CMA Survey on Chemical Industry Y2K Readiness

04/22/99 Survey on Y2K Readyness

 Survey on Y2K Readyness The ability of the public infrastructure to meet the Year 2000 challenge is coming under increased public scrutiny. Congress, states, environmentalists, governments agencies and the media have asked CMA: "do we know how well our members are doing to meet the Y2K challenge?" This survey, prepared by CMA members, will assist us in providing the important answer to that question.

04/13/99 State Legislators May Unintentionally Hinder State Environmental Enforcement Programs

 State Legislators May Unintentionally Hinder State Environmental Enforcement Programs State legislators in an attempt to limit liability for Y2K glitches may unintentionally hinder state environmental enforcement programs. Nancy Stoner, director of EPA's Office of Planning and Policy Analysis, in a memo dated March 26, directed the Agency's regional counsels to monitor pending Y2K legislation that could interfere with state enforcement standards.

04/09/99 Questions for Members of the Council of Chemical Associations Executives

 Questions for Members of the Council of Chemical Associations Executives At the CCAE meeting on the Y2K meeting on April 8, 1999, EPA and Chemical Safety Board representatives asked the trade associations what kind of assistance EPA or CSB could provide to assist in preparation for Y2K. We agreed to ask the question of our members and forward the information collected to EPA.

04/07/99 Example Y2K Tactics

 Example Y2K Tactics The following are ideas gathered from several sources. The are ideas some feel may help reduce risk and prepare for the Year 2000. These are not recommendations. They are merely ideas and suggestions.

-- Brian (, November 22, 1999.


Thanks, you are the greatest!

Good news, the ELF North American site has a Y2K disclosure & stats. Bad news though, ELF is using SAP... Now I just gotta see if I can find what chemicals they process near me.

You are just too cool Brian - thanks again! :-)

-- Deb M. (, November 22, 1999.

More info - gettin closer:

Elf Atochem North America, Inc. Delaware, OH Production and supply of cleaning compounds and lubricants for the steel industry; corrosion resistant lining materials for the food, dairy, chemical, and power industries; cleaning compounds, corrosion inhibitors, coolants and paint strippers for a variety of metalworking and aerospace industries; D and I can making lubricants; cleaners and coatings for the wire industry. Registrar: DNV Certification, Inc.

-- Deb M. (, November 22, 1999.

Wow! great work, Brian. I copied and saved that one! thanks

-- Nancy (, November 22, 1999.

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