External Lighting issues on overcast day

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We are shooting on DV on the side of a hill. Since this is in England it is likely that it will be an overcast day. The side of the hill has no DIRECT sunlight, in other words, the sun rises and sets BEHIND the hill with the hill in shade for the duration of the day.

The issue we have is whether to find another location that is in direct sunlight for the duration of the day so that we can use reflectors etc. However, I would think that this is only neccessary if it was a clear sky with plenty of sunlight to reflect. If the day turns out to be overcast anyway, would we be wasting our time in relocating?


-- Al Lougher (alougher@stressedoutfilms.co.uk), November 22, 1999


Rent a generator or two, long power cables for klinking up a couple of HMI lights rated at 5600 degrees, the same color temperature as the sun. By using long cables you can keep the generator noise out of the audio. OR you can shoot it MOS and synch in sound in the studio. In editing you can also lower any sound the generators make. Hope this helps. Let me know what you finally decide upon and how it works. Good Luck, mike marston stinkydog films@aol.com in Houston, Texas

-- mike marston (stinkydog films@aol.com), November 23, 1999.

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