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Looking for the road # of the former CG plywood sheathed caboose at Camp Willow Run in Littleton, NC.. The camp is for under priviledged children, and has many pieces of rail equipment on site, including a 2-8-0. The cab is red with no markings, and is used as a bunk house. Road # can not be seen by reflection. Does'nt work well on wood. Thanks.

-- Russell Underwood (, November 21, 1999


Russell, I have had limited success finding road numbers painted on the trucks. You have to SAFELY get under the car and look on the part of the truck that is under the bolster. Most of the time it is faint but, nonetheless I have been fortunate. I suppose the painted number last longer under the car due to the car sheltering it from sunlight and rain. Good luck.

-- David Godwin (, July 11, 2001.

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