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In the summary of 'The Peace of Wild Things' apparently the 'Doug and Carol' theme music played in the background when Carol spoke to Mark. What is this theme music?

-- soph hibberts (, November 21, 1999


It is exactly that, there is a song called "Doug and Carol" which was written for ER and has been played in various forms for many of their most poignant scenes, and even in one "non-Doug/Carol" scene in "Hell and High Water," where the little girl dies. You can hear it during the Pilot, when Doug leaves Carol at the medicine cabinet, in "The Gift," when Doug leaves the taxi in search of Carol at her engagement party, you can hear a very pretty variation of it when Doug climbs into the bathtub at the end of "Stuck on You," and then in the scene where Carol tells Mark that she misses Doug in "The Peace of Wild Things."

It is on the ER soundtrack and it a beautiful, haunting, two-minute piece.

-- Phyl (, November 27, 1999.

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