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Exploring the genre...

So? What? What is it that would enrich and enhance a journal site? I'd presume that the journal entry itself is the primary *thing" that draws a reader (or it is for me, in any case) - but what else works? Collaborations? What about where the reader suggests a collaboration - as in, "Catherine, I think you and ________ could do something clever together." Or what about mystery photos and guessing games and polls?

I have such dreams for my site sometimes. *sigh*

What are your dreams for a site - as a reader or as a webmaster - or both?

-- Catherine (, November 20, 1999


My dream is to redesign the 'spilled beans' section of my site to reflect what it is, because I've discovered that it is _not_ an online journal. As well, I've realized that I do not _want_ my site to be included in the genre known as the online journal (too many young kids chatting; nothing wrong with that, but I'm not a young kid and I hate to chat, and yes I am a snob with a capital OB).

But what 'it' is I don't yet know, and lately I've not had anything to write, so for now the answer doesn't really matter. Maybe later. Maybe I'll just open it up, all of it.

I'm reading you every day, Catherine. Not many people inspire me, but you do that, and then you leave me lost for

-- Anthony V. Toscano (, November 20, 1999.

I disabled my site partially for the stated reason ("I'm damn boring, and I *write* this stuff") but also because when I began musing about community (journal, survivor - any online community) I realize that I probably didn't want to join a club that would have me for a member. I see online journals differently from most folks - more a working notebook than a finished product - and I realized that I couldn't really "belong" unless I changed my ideas. Heh. Fat chance.

My dream for a site is one that is fully honest and gracefully artful. My realization is that there is no such critter as "fully honest" and if I wait for the artistic fairie to land I could be in for a looooong wait. But basically, as a reader, I'd like to say to a journaler: "Don't talk about everything, but what you *do* talk about - tell the truth." Which is why I read here. And what collab would I like to see? You (Catherine Jamieson) and John Bailey. Lovely writers both - very different styles, very different kinds of lens. Could be interesting. Very.

-- Catherine (the other one) (, November 20, 1999.


As a reader, my goal is to educate and entertain myself from other people's experiences. this may be thru life experiences, computing knowledge or important social issues. Yours seems to tell a story that has important medical and social issues. I also enjoy when people are able to enhance homepages thru pictures. If everybody dicussed what they did best in a journal format like you do, this whole evolution of interconnecting would be so much easier for everybody.

As a webmaster, I feel that my goal would be to try and enhance other peoples lives from my past experiences. That would probably be from talking about travel. I would also have to get people involved with the webpage rather than just issuing text info. This may be thru questionairres, games, message board, regional recipies or other options I have not thought of yet.

Good luck

-- Dale Wilkins (, November 20, 1999.

I would like every journaller to explore more what interests THEM, rather than what they think will interest the reader more. That's one reason I like doing the drawings in mine, or sometimes branch into theology, cosmology, speculation about the future, etc. If I just wanted the maximum number of people to read all the time, I'd probably just talk about the kids, which seem to be the biggest "draw".

I like your photography, for that very reason---it's so you--and your weblog reflecs your tastes also.


-- Al Schroeder (, November 20, 1999.

I read on-line journals for the same reason I like to read autobiographies; humans, with all our flaws and warts, are incredibly wonderful. I've been journaling for a very long time; its helpful to me to read other peoples stories, gives me grist for the mill. Photographs are wonderful. Relationships, whether with kids, lovers, friends,pets or plants. This may sound dumb, but I love reading what foods people eat. Daily life stuff, in all its mundane splendor. You always come up with great new stuff, Catherine. But your site is damn fine the way it is...

-- Eloise (, November 20, 1999.

I want art on my site. A scanner, and the knowledge to get the most out of it.. that's all I need. Well, and a digital camera would be nice, too. I want to make a drawing for every person in the Cohorts section- click on their name for the link. I'd like to show you all day-by-day progress on the things I'm working on. And I'd love to learn enough coding to be able to have cool mouse-over tricks, draggable bits, all the neat-o stuff.

And just lately... I'd like to shake off this little rut and get back in the saddle.

-- Cameron Perry (, November 21, 1999.

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