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How do I have a static html page with an add to cart button add the item from the Smart database. Because Im trying to make each page have a different look but cant for the love of me work this out.

Any help would be great

-- Sam Jones (, November 20, 1999


You can't display any dynamic information in a static HTML page. You must use scripts or dynamic pages like Java, Java Script, ASP, VB Script, Perl, SHTML, DHTML, PHTML or database web server to enable such feature.

You can try an easier solution by making the "Review Cart" selection more obvious. Or create frame base base, then display the information at one of the frame.

God bless!

-- Patrick Chan (, January 18, 2000.

You can do anything with S-Mart. That is what I am finding out. Becuase it is so simple, you can customize the hell out of it. To make each catagory look different, you actually run a version of S-Mart for each different look. - but all of them feed into the main S-Mart for the basket and checkout.

Here is what I mean, you will have one Smart.cgi file and one config file (smart.cfg) for each look. But you make it so that they only generate pages with their own header and footer files - but submit items to the main smart file (just a matter of messing around with the config file).

Hope this helps.


-- JohnWEbber (, May 19, 2000.

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