Canadian indicted in alleged Y2K pipeline plot
Updated 11:53 PM ET November 19, 1999

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. authorities said they indicted a Canadian man Friday for allegedly preparing to blow up the trans-Alaska pipeline in hopes of making a killing in oil markets on the expected rise in prices.

Alfred Heinz Reumayr, 50, who is being held in Canada awaiting extradition to the United States, planned the explosions for Jan. 1 next year, using computer problems postulated for the end of the millennium as a cover.

The Justice Department, relaying a statement by the U.S. Attorney in New Mexico, said a U.S. District Court in the state indicted Reumayr on terrorism and other charges.

He was charged in that state because of his use of the Internet and mail to communicate between his home in British Columbia and a person he recruited in New Mexico to help him.

This person notified the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and Reumayr was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in August after he delivered components for 14 explosive devices, the statement said.

Every sector of the U.S. economy has launched a major drive to correct what has become known as the Y2K problem, in which older computer programs that use only two digits to represent the year may fail to recognize 2000 or mistake it for 1900.

The bug could potentially cause breakdowns in all areas of modern life controlled by computers, from traffic signals to electrical power.

-- headlines (, November 20, 1999


Here we go -- the loonies come riding around the mulberry bushes.

-- terrorists? (squirrels?@militias?.code?), November 20, 1999.

Good. Book 'em Dano.

Really sick person to try and cause intentional pain on a mostly unprepared populace.

I have real concerns about the upcoming WTO meeting in Seattle, tho.

*Hope* all remains calm!


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 20, 1999.

Hi all:

Seems to me NSA caught the words on emails, contacted the RCMP, who waited until sufficient evidence of a plot existed, and then nailed him.


Gov't is proactive here. Good for them. Good for us to eh?

Don't talk too openly folks.

-- (, November 20, 1999.

What an idiot. He should have just waited. The oil corporations are going to do a very fine job of raising the prices all by themselves.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), November 20, 1999.



-- (, November 20, 1999.

Sorry everyone,

I posted too quick. Meant to explain that he's more than a bit stupid. As any Canadian will quickly understand, the only sure way to paralyze Canada as a nation is to take out all the vital points at once.


I figure that'd do it.

-- (, November 20, 1999.

Alfred Heinz Reumayr. Certainly sounds Canadian to me.

-- Carlos (, November 20, 1999.

How do you pronounce Reumayr? Rumor?

-- Mark Hillyard (, November 20, 1999.

Was this person a doomer or a polly?

Curious Regards,
Andy Ray

-- Andy Ray (, November 20, 1999.

Andy Ray,

Obviously a polly,

a doomer knows that no dynamite will be required.

-- LM (, November 20, 1999.

Diane J. Squire - Y2K isn't the only thing to be concerned about on the rollover and there is no shortage of "sick" people. We even have them as presidents!!! I can't emphasize enough the timing opportunity that this New Year's offers. It may seem just like another New Year to most of us but to some this is the BIGGIE. Don't anybody lecture me that the millenium starts 2001, I don't want to hear it. Psychologically which has a larger impact - your odometer rolling over to 100,000 OR 100,001? How many parties of the millenium are we going to have in the world and what better way to camouflage their activities than from the chaos of the celebrations. Plus you can launch a virus from anyplace that has phone service. Its going to be D-Day for quite a few "specialty" groups.

-- Guy Daley (, November 20, 1999.

IMHO, alot of idiots will be caught out on their hare brained schemes between now and the new year. The real danger lies in the smart ones who are well hidden, toiling away on their projects

-- Gia (, November 20, 1999.

I've always ben worried that there are enough people out there wanting the infrastructure to fail enough to help it along (ala "The Postman" by David Brin). The infrastructure is going to be shaky enough through the transition (although I think that we can keep it up if we all work together) without these idiots making it worse. This is a case of someone trying to take advantage of the rollover for profit but what good is his profit going to be if the whole thing comes down? Darwinism at its scariest if you ask me.

-- wondering what (, November 20, 1999.

Folks- pay attention here. This alleged bomber was arrested on the 20th of August 1999. Some might think that a re-run of this story is a bit fishy. Are we next going to hear about the trailer park robbery from under the doghouse of a couples life savings? As we did earlier in the year? My guess would be yes. Stay tuned, and a big howdy to all the folks at GCHQ. Put a fiver on the field for me in the Gold Cup. Cheers, AGF

-- drac (greenspanisgod@frb.giov), November 20, 1999.

Wondering What,

Was Nathan Holn (a character in "The Postman" novel) a polly or a doomer, in your opinion?

Patient Regards,
Andy Ray

-- Andy Ray (, November 20, 1999.

Hi there to all the boys and girls at the NSA.

Point number 2. The NSA is not only monitoring all of these conversations but will also be monitoring the roll-over. That 50 million dollar DC monitoring bunker is a cheap PR stunt for the media. Look see how on top of this we are. Each of the military branches has set up a central monitoring station for all their remote duty stations to report on the rollover and problems. Who might be the central collection point for for the gub? Everything is really going to the NSA that is where the real information will be. The big bunker is window dressing for selected and sanitized information that is considered safe for public dissemination.

By the way, who really important critical person has been reported to be in the grand bunker for the rollover anyway?

-- squid (, November 20, 1999.

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