What awes you in nature?

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What awes you in nature? What is so beautiful or so perfect that you can't help but marvel?

-- Al Schroeder (al.schreoder@nashville.com), November 19, 1999


Rainbows. If they only appeared once a year, people would be sure they were artificial, and spin theories about them, like UFOs.--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), November 19, 1999.

It's not perfect but what awes me is human nature and the extremes of good and bad that can exist even in the same person. It also awes me what a person can endure (psychologically) and still survive.

-- Paulineee (paulineee_@hotmail.com), November 19, 1999.

The diamond stars at night, sunrises and sunsets, flowers, mountains, interesting trees and cacti, cute critters, there's so much I marvel at.

I like that I'm not alone in this marveling. One thing we journallers share is those beauties we've found. I enjoy reading about and seeing their pictures of the unique wonders that's blessed their worlds.

-- Joan Lansberry (gallae@casagrande.com), November 20, 1999.

Inch Strand. It is located in County Kerry Ireland. Beautiful.

-- Jerry (cuchulain@irelandmail.com), December 16, 2000.

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