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There are many, many things that I whinge about (Oh really..) but I generally don't get mad about much..

There are however, some things that really, really annoy me - and the one rule for you, one rule for another is something that disturbs me a great deal.. I hate unfairness in any manifestation

And then when you take that and add it to something else that sends my blood pressure off the charts (namely drink driving) it's a deadly combination.

I'm still too mad about it to even vent amusingly, so I'll leave it to you guys.

-- Immy (, November 18, 1999


what?! i didn't know that swimming woman actually got excused. there's no excuse! i don't care if fidel castro thinks she's wonderful, there's no goddamned way she should get away with THAT! oh. she was all burnt out with her swims, was she? upset because of a failed relationship? well. sorry. it sucks, but sweet jesus. everything sucks! even the swimming woman must learn to live with that.


other vents: hello, movie distribution companies? hi. what's the big idea? "sleepy hollow"? why yes, i'd love to see that! what? not until february? but everyone in the states can go see it today! what? life sucks, get a helmet? yes, i believe i already discussed that, but so fricking what? there's no excuse! "blair witch project"? yes, i'd love to go see that! what? december 26th or so? oh, december 19th. well, that's good, wouldn't want to have to wait three months after everyone in america's seen it five times! oh hang on. i HAVE waited that long.

poodles! what IS it with poodles anyway? they're not dogs. they're toupee's on crack! i'm going to have to go and post a few more times and hope that we beat those suckers!

more venting coming soon...

-- sammy (, November 19, 1999.

Sleepy Hollow is not coming out until February..???!!!!!!!!

-- Immy (, November 19, 1999.

apparently not! it had better come out before then, or i'm going to find the guy who runs paramount pictures and behead him...

-- sammy (, November 19, 1999.

One thing that really irritates me are those goddamn poodle support groups. They're bloody everywhere.

Three cheers for Immy, who is now officially kicking some poodle support group arse. Woo-hooo.

-- Chris from Sydney (, November 20, 1999.

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