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When i click on Buy it on the order form.. it does not send mail.. nor verify credit card.. but goes back to smart.cgi?command=review ?!?!

Any ideas (the code seems to be correct)


-- Andrew Broadley (, November 17, 1999



You may have the same problem I had with Frontpage dropping code into the order html. After I made changes to order.html in Frontpage, Navigater sent me back to the command=review page, Explorer worked fine. I fixed it by downloading the original script at s-mart and comparing it with my edited FP file. I made some changes to the original order.txt and used it. Navigater works now.

Regards, Kris

-- Kris (, November 20, 1999.

Answer. There is a bug in the script. If you look at the code on the generated order page, no matter what order.html looks like, the script changes the action to command=change. Copy the entire list_items section, paste it right after the list_items section, rname to it list_items_buy, and change the form action several lines down to command=buy2. Go to sub buy_items1 and change &list_items to list_items_buy.

Works fine from then on. Now if I can get the security bug fixed, I'll be all set.

-- Mark Allen (, November 30, 1999.

Another problem is that the CGI script puts together 3 partial HTML pages to display your order page, a header and footer that is used for all CGI generated pages and a middle order section for the order page.

You need the first line in the middle section to be

To close out the

tag from the header that is generated.

This was mentioned in some of the readme documentation as one of the frequent problems.

Rick Clevenger

-- Rick Clevenger (, November 30, 1999.

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