False Eyelashes - what gives..??

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OK, so I want some for the 1920's party

Has anyone worn them..?? Are they easy to put on (this is me remember) do they fall off or, even worse - will I have to wear them for the following six weeks or something..

Help is required

-- Immy (immy@rocketmail.com), November 17, 1999


Yes, I've worn them. They were too much fun, and I got accused of being an Evil Disney Character. (It was Halloween of last year.) Although I suspect one of them of slicing my contact in half, they were very easy to wear, easy to apply, and easy to remove. They just peeled off, kind of like rubber cement when you get it on your skin. Just remember to cover the "seal" with eyeliner so it doesn't look as obvious, and then have fun batting your lashes at everyone. (Unless you do it so much it appears you have something in your eye. That rather ruins the effect.)

-- Erin (erin@treacle.net), November 18, 1999.

I found the strip ones easy to apply but not the individual ones. Be very precise when using the glue though- aim for your lashes *not* your eyelid.

-- Moira (profundum@yahoo.com), November 18, 1999.

at the risk of dating myself HORRIBLY, let me confess there was a time when i wouldn't be seen dead without my falsies. eyelashes, that is. it was in the good old bad old 70s. truly, they were the first thing i put on in the morning and last thing off at night. i LOVED them. they were dead easy to use, and that was 25 years ago. they must've improved them by now. i only wore top ones, couldn't be bothered with individual bottom ones. my only tip (and i'm battling C.R.A.F.T. to remember this)is to try to shape them with tweezers first before applying the glue, so that the ends stick down and don't wave around in the breeze. i NEVER lost one in the soup or dancing or anything. enjoy!!

-- jilly (jilly@onclick.net), November 19, 1999.

Hey, you know what - I went and bought some, and I thought to myself 'I must be very careful with these, because they have potential Immy-scaring qualities as they look a bit spiderish.. I'll make sure I know where they are AT ALL TIMES because I don't want one creeping up on me..'


And then I promptly lost them.

So.. I have to buy some more tomorrow for the party - I haven't even had time to have a practice session, so the whole thing is going to be a major disaster I just know it. And meanwhile there are some random eyelashes loose in this house..

I am afraid.

-- Immy (immyw@bigfoot.com), December 02, 1999.

Umm, do any of you ladies mud wrestle ? I am up to the challenge.

-- Rob (maxovrdrv51@hotmail.com), December 31, 1999.

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