What's your favorite non-journal link?

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What's your favorite non-journal link? (Hey, I didn't promise I wouldn't turn my FORUM into a weblog...)--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), November 16, 1999


Well...one of the first places I go in the morning is to cnn.com.--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), November 16, 1999.


Well, it's probably not my favorite, but it certainly is my newest.

-- Cory Glen (coryglen@hotmail.com), November 17, 1999.

An E-mag called 'From the Window' at http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/hojoy/ You have GOT to see this one, folks, it's not big on the graphics (but then neither is my page) but the simple fact of its existance is amazing and there's some gems amongst the writing. Incidentally, I've contributed something for the next edition :)

-- Bek Oberin (gossamer@tertius.net.au), November 17, 1999.

Hungersite. Feed the poor, get food for thought, or compete with the Swedes. :) The ads are sometimes interesting too.

-- Magnus Itland (itlandm@netcom.no), November 17, 1999.

It would have to be Dan Smith's guitar page:



-- Sunshyn (sunshyndream@aol.com), November 17, 1999.

Deep Thought at Interlude. That's a daily visit, to get the Thought of the Day.

My favorite news source is Starnet, Tucson's newspaper online.

Lonely Planet's tour of the world. I love the descriptions and evocative pictures.

And, if you scroll past the LONG list of journals (still not complete, even), I've listed MORE non journal faves on my list of links page.

-- Joan Lansberry (gallae@casagrande.com), November 17, 1999.

what? and give up my secrets?

Seriously .... um ...here's one that I was going to use today. Awesome portal to a pile of graffiti photo documentaries.



-- Catherine (catherine@cmjcom.com), November 18, 1999.


The place to find almost any quote you could ever want.

-- Brittly (brittly@yours.dreamhost.com), November 18, 1999.


Mean-spirited, but hilarious.

-- Cindy (adenosine_triphosphate@yahoo.com), December 25, 1999.

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