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Hello sir,

Hello sir,

I'm having a probleme with administration SQLServer6.5 and NT 4.0. I am the administrator system of a small network with 10 computers and one domain; each computers is in the seem domain; in this domain i have one server which is the server of my database SQL, and i have some users without passwd (just login). The probleme is in each computer which SQLServer is installed, i can to connect to the database,i want to know who can i revoke some client (login SQLServer) to connect to some computers. I explaine, i have a client (login SQL'toto'), in the network i have 5 computers 'comp1, comp2, comp3..' and my server is 'serv'. i want to allow 'toto' to connect to the database just in 'comp1, comp2' and not the others machines. I use standard security. Note: I think to do that, i must use NT security Thanks for any help in advance...

-- Anonymous, November 16, 1999



I don't believe you can restrict SQL Server database access based on the computer name. However, if the user is using a database application rather than connecting to the database directly, the application could consider the computer name or IP address before allowing access to data.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, November 27, 1999

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