Want to do a DV Film, How can I get funding?

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To Whom It May Concern,

I have noticed that in some of the bulletin boards there have been individuals from certain companies that state they would be willing to help finance or they are showing other how to finance their film.

Now I shot a 87 minute movie about 2 years ago which I finished for a total, after post production, for about $1,000. The film was shot entirely on VHS and came out to be ok. I could have made it better as far as the picture and sound, but it still was a great accomplishment for $300. You can check it out at http://nubainaffair.freeservers.com

If there is anyone that could help me find funds, now that I do have a feature length movie to show in my behalf I would love to hear from you. I'm eager to start something in a couple of months. I had planned to use about $6,000 to shoot my next film on DV. But I realize the more money the better I can make it. So if there is anyone out there, please contact me.

Thanks Joseph S.

-- Joseph Stovall (jelese4@altavista.net), November 16, 1999

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