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A student of mine said that she had purchased the film developer "DK-60A" and wanted information regarding its use. I am not familiar with this developer and when I looked it up in what books I have available on the subject, Ancel Adams book, "The Negative" makes only the vaguest reference and no other books seem to mention it at all. If anyone knows the properties of this developer and can share, I would appreciate it very much.


-- Margie Kelley (, November 15, 1999


If you have a copy of The Photo Lab Index, you will find it in there. Otherwise, Kodak's web site might have some information.

-- Tony Brent (, November 15, 1999.

I have confirmed that this is a Kodak film developer, but there is virtually no information about it on the web. I am at work now, but if you will write to me at I will research this developer in my library at home.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, November 16, 1999.

Hi Margie! I see there's no answers yet on DK-60a, so here's some old "Photo Lab Index" data: "(Kodak DK-60a) Kodalk Deep Tank or Machine Developer for Roll Films, Film Packs, Sheet Films and Plates." For developing, they said, "Develop about 7 minutes at 68 deg F in a tank of fresh developer.".

The formula is (for 1 liter of final solution): Elon (same as metol, I believe) = 2.5 gram, sodium sulfite = 50 grams, hydroquinone = 2.5 grams, Kodak Kodalk (sodium metaborate, I believe) = 20 grams, and potassium bromide = 0.5 grams.

This formula is more similar to DK-50 than anything else I can find; however, there are two differences. DK-50 has less sodium sulfite (at 30 grams) and only half the Kodalk.

Regarding properties, I have no experience, but am willing to make some guesses. I doubt that the sulfite level is high enough to have a significant solvent effect. The doubled Kodalk should raise the pH, possibly enough to get the hydroquinone working. So I would guess that it is basically a little more activity and contrast than DK-50.

The scarcity of information seems to indicate it might not be available anymore; I wonder where she got it and if it's even worth experimenting with?

-- Bill C (, November 19, 1999.

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